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Updated on: 18-Apr-2019


Being On time is cool! Dear Parent, Please make sure that the children reach school on time. The school gate opens at 07:30 a.m. and closes at 07:55 a.m. Being punctual is the first key to success in life and SIS firmly believes in it. Also setting up of a daily routine for children at home is very important as it helps them shape their life in a very positive way. The ways to do it are clearly mentioned in the school's diary. You all are advised to read the pages of diary that defines the following:- 1. CORE VALUES OF SIS - PAGE 14 & 15 2. FEE POLICY - PAGE 16 - 18 3. ABSENCE & WITHDRAWAL OF CHILD - PAGE 19 4. SCHOOL POLICY FOR PARENTS - PAGE 20 & 21 5. SHAPING POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR - PAGE 22 & 23 6. GUIDELINES FOR PARENTS - PAGE 24 & 25 All the parents are again advised to read all the pages mentioned above carefully. We have tried to include answers for every query that you might have. So kindly read the school diary for the same. Let us all together make the new academic session 2019-20 a memorable one for all of us. In the end we would say that SIS is committed to excellence and we will keep doing our best for the students. Thank you once again to all the parents. Regards, Sharda International School
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