Terms and conditions

Registration Fee - Rs 300/- (Non-Refundable)
Important Information Regarding Admission:-
(Please read it carefully)
1. Age of the child seeking admission to Nursery in the year 2018 should be 2 years 6 months or more. 
2. The latest photograph of the child is to be attached in the space provided after taking the printout of the completed Registration Form.
3. The management of the school reserves all rights of admission and is not bound to give any reasons for rejection of any particular child.
4. The school does not accept any donation for admission. Parents should be aware of third parties collecting money on behalf of the school and making false claims of procuring admission. If parents enter into any transaction with such parties, they will be doing so at their own risk and the school shall not be responsible for it.
5.  Documents Required:-
  • The original Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation along with a photocopy duly attested by the parent must be submitted at the time of verification of form. The original birth certificate of the child should have: child's name, child's date of birth, father's name and mother's name written on it. The original birth certificate will be returned to the parents immediately after verification.
  • A photocopy of Aadhaar Card of the child and that of both the parents should be attached with the registration form.
  • School Leaving Certificate (T.C.) in original form from the previous school will be required, if selected for admission to any class other than Nursery/Lkg/Ukg.
6. The name and date of birth as mentioned in the form is correct and I shall not request for its change at a later stage.
7. I understand that the registration fee and admission fee, annual fee and other fee once paid is non-refundable.
8. I declare that I am in a position to pay the prescribed fees and funds and will not ask for fee concession. 
9. I understand that the decision of the Management of the school shall be final and binding on me.
10. The information given above is true to my knowledge and belief. If any information is found to be contrary to the facts, the admission of my ward may be cancelled at any stage.
                                                  Important Information/School policy for Parents :- 
-Transport Charges shall be charged for Eleven Months only (Transport fee for the month of June is not charged)
-In case of students being withdrawn from the school, a notice period of one month in writing/application for withdrawal has to be submitted on 01 March (i.e. one month before beginning of the new academic session) or full fees for the whole quarter has to be paid in order to obtain Transfer Certificate from the date of application for withdrawal. 
-Registration fee, Admission fee, Tuition fee, bus fee, miscellaneous charges and annual charges are not refundable in any case. 
-Cheque should be made in favor of "SHARDA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL". Please note the school does not accept post-dated cheques. 
-The last date of payment of fee is 15th of the month. E.g. the last date for payment of fee for period May-June shall be 15th May. The fee for the last quarter Jan-March is payable by 15th January. 
-Rs. 250 shall be charged if the cheque issued by the parents gets bounced. 
-Late fee shall be charged if the fee is not paid within the due date. The name of the student shall be struck off the rolls if the fee is not paid by the 25th day of every quarter. 
-Please note no parent should come in the school wearing slippers/half pant, night suits, lower etc. The school decorum needs to be maintained. 
-Kindly save the school's phone number 0124-2321732, 8376073000 in your mobile. 
-Your updated number should be registered with the E-care team to receive SMS.  
-Parents are always welcome to meet the Principal. However, if the Principal is in the class or on round the parent will have to wait at the reception to meet her. You can also call and fix up your appointment with the principal. 
-Parents may send the leave application of the child on school's email id. Application is a must to grant leave. However long leave application will not be entertained keeping in mind the classes of the child. 
-The bus driver would not wait for more than 2 minutes on the bus stop if the child is not present on the stop keeping in mind the other children waiting at various stops. 
-The bus will ply only as per approved routes. No parents will be allowed to travel in the school bus. Parents/Guardian are expected to be present on the bus stop in the afternoon to pick up their child, otherwise the child will be brought back to the school and will have to be picked up from the school by the parent /guardian.
-Bus facility cannot be withdrawn from September onwards. 
-Annual function charges/trip charges shall be charged on actuals during the year. 
I Agree