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Updated on: 14-Nov-2023

Children’s Day Wishes

Dear parents, teachers, and most importantly, our wonderful students, On this special occasion of Children's Day, let's celebrate the joy, innocence and boundless potential that our children bring into our lives. Each of them is a unique gift and it's our privilege to nurture and guide them towards a bright future. Happy Children's Day to our amazing students! Warmly Principal

Other Notices

 05-Dec-2023 INFORMATION (I to IV)
 26-Nov-2023 Gurpurab Wishes
 24-Nov-2023 INFORMATION (V to X)
 24-Nov-2023 Gurpurab Holiday
 23-Nov-2023 P.T.M. (Class I)
 23-Nov-2023 P.T.M. (II, III, IV)
 23-Nov-2023 INFORMATION (Class I)
 22-Nov-2023 P.T.M. (Nur To UKG)
 20-Nov-2023 Manali Trip (V to X)
 20-Nov-2023 INFORMATION (Class II)
 09-Nov-2023 INFORMATION (I to X)
 09-Nov-2023 INFORMATION (Nur to V)
 30-Oct-2023 Haryana Day Holiday
 24-Oct-2023 Dussehra Greetings
 20-Oct-2023 INFORMATION (Class VI)
 17-Oct-2023 INFORMATION (Class I)
 16-Oct-2023 INFORMATION (Class I)
 16-Oct-2023 INFORMATION (Class 6)
 12-Oct-2023 P.T.M. (Nur To UKG)
 22-Sep-2023 Extra Class (Class 10)
 21-Sep-2023 Information (Class 10)
 09-Sep-2023 Information (IX & X)
 06-Sep-2023 INFORMATION (Class I)
 05-Sep-2023 Janmashtami Holiday
 04-Sep-2023 Janmashtmi information
 25-Aug-2023 INFORMATION (Class I)
 23-Aug-2023 INFORMATION (Class I)
 17-Aug-2023 Teej Celebration
 17-Aug-2023 Mehandi Competition
 11-Aug-2023 INFORMATION (Class I)
 10-Aug-2023 INFORMATION (Class I)
 26-Jul-2023 Information (Class I)
 05-Jul-2023 Hindi Olympiad
 23-May-2023 Notice (Class 1 & 2)
 23-May-2023 Notice (Class 3 & 4)
 23-May-2023 Notice (Class 1)
 22-May-2023 Information (Class II)
 22-May-2023 Information (Class I)
 19-May-2023 Information (Class I)
 18-May-2023 Information (Class I)
 09-May-2023 Information (CLASS I)
 09-May-2023 Information (CLASS II)
 04-Mar-2023 Circular
 17-Feb-2023 Notice
 17-Feb-2023 Notice
 17-Feb-2023 Notice
 16-Feb-2023 Notice
 13-Feb-2023 Information
 11-Feb-2023 10th Admit Card
 09-Dec-2022 School Trip Notice
 22-Sep-2022 URGENT NOTICE
 09-Sep-2022 Notice related to exam
 25-Aug-2022 Project Presentation
 17-Aug-2022 NOTICE
 17-Aug-2022 Notice
 08-Aug-2022 HOLIDAY
 28-Jul-2022 ACTIVITY
 27-Jul-2022 ACTIVITY